Booking an Appointment

Appointments can be made by phoning the Centre on 6652 8111 or by visiting the Centre. Please note WHC is not a walk in clinic, however booked short and longer consultations are available upon request.   Home visits are at the discretion of the doctor.

Service Standard/Initial Consultation Follow Up
Medical Consultations 20 to 40 minutes 10 minutes
Script only 10 minutes
Acupuncture 1 hour
Clinical Psychologist 1 hour  1 hour
Dietetics 1 hour 30 minutes
Physiotherapist 1 hour 30 minutes

Please refer to SERVICES for information on the services we provide.

Using an interpreter

Coffs Harbour Women’s Health Centre supports the principle that all Australians should be able to access programs and services equitably, regardless of their cultural, linguistic or religious backgrounds.

A telephone translating and interpreter service can be pre-booked by our staff if required, with preference for a female interpreter.

An Auslan interpreter can also be can be pre-booked by our staff if required, with preference for a female interpreter.


We ask our clients to provide us with 24 hours notification when cancelling an appointment so as not to disadvantage other women and the Centre.

Failure to notify the Centre of your inability to attend may limit our ability to offer you another appointment.

Fees/ Charges

The Coffs Harbour Women’s Health Centre is a not for profit organisation with charity status. We are a non-government community-based organisation supported by NSW Health through the Mid North Coast Local Health District. There may be a small fee for some services. Please enquire when making a booking.


 Other Patient Information

Policies and procedures

  • Your personal health information
  • Confidentiality
  • Security of information
  • Clients responsiblities
  • Clients rights
  • Making a complaint

In order to provide a quality professional service it is essential that we gain information about your past and present health. Additionally some information, such as ethnicity, is required by our funding body to ensure we provide services to our target groups. As such we ask you to complete a client information form at your first visit. If there are any changes to the information you have provided to us, please contact the centre on 6652 8111 or update at your next visit. If you choose, any particularly sensitive information can be restricted to a particular practitioner.

Accessing your Health Information

You have access to the information contained in your client record under the Privacy Act. You can request a copy of your client record. The Centre requires 5 working days notice for this process. Depending on what is involved you may be asked to contribute to the cost of providing this information.

If you require your records to be sent to another GP you will need to sign a release of information form.

The Centre has a firm policy on confidentiality to protect our clients and their information. All staff is required to sign a confidentiality statement at time of employment

*All tests are confidential. Our doctors and nurses will discuss with you how and when you will receive results. All urgent results will be followed up with you directly

Limits of Confidentiality

There are specific instances where confidentiality around a specific matter cannot be maintained.

There is mandatory reporting to the Dept of Family and Community Services of anyone under the age of 16 years if there is suspected abuse or risk of harm.

Your medical record can also be subpoenaed by the court system.

Security of Information

The Centre now maintains its records on a computerised client record system. All systems are secured by password and protect your information from unauthorised access.

There are two sides to being a client – your rights and responsibilities.

Your Responsibilities are to:

  • Try to be well informed about your treatment – ask questions and consult with relevant practitioner or relatives before reaching a decision;
  • Answer questions about your health frankly and honestly. Discuss with your practitioner any problems that you feel may be affecting your health or condition;
  • Keep appointments or inform those concerned if unable to attend;
  • Comply with prescribed treatment or inform your practitioner of your intention not to do so
  • Accept the consequence of your own informed decisions and only change your mind with good reason
  • Inform your practitioner if you are currently in consultation with or under treatment from another practitioner in connection with the same concern
  • Conduct yourself in an appropriate way so as not to interfere with the well-being or rights of others while at the Centre
As a client of this Centre you will be assisted in protecting your welfare and to make informed decisions about your health and well being. Some of your rights are guaranteed under the law and others are commonly recognised in our community.


Your rights are

To be treated politely and with respect:

  • You will be treated politely with care and consideration, respecting your dignity, culture, religion and beliefs

To be given clear information about your care and treatment:

  • To be informed about the health care system, supplementary costs, the means of referral to other health agencies, social services and other services in the community
  • To be given by your practitioner, health nurse or person carrying out treatment, a clear, concise explanation in non-medical terms of your condition, problem or disease:
  • Be given by your practitioner, health nurse or person carrying out treatment a clear explanation of:
    • The procedure to be followed;
    • Any risk associated with the procedure
    • Any possible after effects, side effects or other adverse outcomes, before any treatment or investigation is carried out
    • And what to do if this occurs

To Privacy:

  • To receive health care in reasonable privacy
  • Any discussion about your care will be done discreetly and confidentially
  • Details of your condition and treatment will not be available to anyone without your consent, unless the law requires that such information be given to some person or authority

To accept or refuse services

  • To choose to leave any condition untreated
  • To withdraw consent at any time
  • To refuse services from a particular practitioner
  • To refuse to participate in research
  • To seek a second opinion
  • To transfer your care to another agency or practitioner
  • To opt in or out of National and State Screening Programs

To the use of an interpreter service

  • Seek assistance from a trained interpreter when available and if required. This service is free and confidential.
  • If you think something has gone wrong while you have been using a health service you have the right and responsibility to complain.
  • First you should inform people in the Centre about the incident, where it occurred and with whom it occurred, as soon as possible.
  • You can write, make verbal contact or see the people directly responsible for your health care whether it concerns a practitioner, or other member of staff.
  • If you are not satisfied after following up your complaint contact the CEO, either in writing or verbally.
  • Please address any complaints to:

Bronwyn Chalmers
Chief Executive Officer
Genhealth Inc,
45-53 Little Street,

Or email at:

If submitting complaint in writing please mark correspondence CONFIDENTIAL.

  • If you are still not satisfied after following up your complaints contact the Health Care Complaints Commission either in writing or verbally.
    • Health Care Complaints Commission

1800 043 159